Our Mid-Term break comes at a time when we have had a record turnout at our Bernard Mizeki festival last week which saw a record number of congregants turn up with congregants from South Africa, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique and the occasion was blessed by 10 Bishops.  Our students’ conduct was immaculate as commended by most of the people who attended this occasion- Well done boys.

Cambridge Examinations

The deadline for the payment of examinations is 15 July 2018.  So please try to have paid by this date to avoid any inconveniences.  We are encouraging Form 4 and Upper 6 parents to use the C.B.Z. Bank Account.  This will enable us to quickly pick up the names of those who paid from the account and please when making payment clearly indicate that this for Exam fees for which child and which form.  Of late we have had some lazy students who want to drop subjects because they don’t want to exert themselves.  This will not be tolerated.  Allocation of subjects was done in January last year and if there were complaints they should have been raised then.

School  Fees

Those on payment plans should pay their arrears by the end of July.  I am glad that most of the parents are adhering to this.  Make sure you go through your fees statement and if you have queries please call the accounts department as soon as possible.  We have money Iying in the clearing account which has not been claimed.  When your child comes back try to give him record of payment to bring to the accounts office so that proper reconciliation of your fees can be done.

School Reports

As the term is closing earlier, we felt that it was not necessary to issue reports Mid-term and this will be done at the end of the term.  The teacher’s will give pupils homework and please adhere and help the pupils at home.


It’s a cold season and please give your child enough blankets, trousers and tracksuits so that he remains warmed.  Please note that our official uniform is as prescribed in our uniform list and our designated supplier is ENBEE.  You buy uniform from other unsanctioned agents at your own risk.


Please be notified that because of early closure we will not be able to have our consultation on the 04th of August 2018.   You will be notified of a new date in due course.


For the sake of proper monitoring of movement of pupils at the school, we will not allow pupils to enter the school premises after 1800hrs, if you bring your child after 1800hrs he will be returned home.  Moreover offices close at 1700hrs and therefore if you come late you will not be able to clear your school fees queries.


Our website is in full swing and its www.bernardmizekicollege.ac.zw .  Please look out for information from this website to keep abreast with latest information.  One of the latest, one of our student Tristan S. Mutenheri was elected the Junior Provincial Minister for Mashonaland East for the year 2018.




21st June 2018